Our Story

Integrity Ag & Environment started in 2016 with a vision to help create a more sustainable agricultural future for generations to come. With years of combined experience in the sustainable agriculture sector, our staff are deeply committed to the agricultural industry and helping them to face and overcome the challenges facing its diverse stakeholders today. Integrity Ag and Environment’s agriculture experts work with clients all over Australia and the globe.

Our Values


At Integrity Ag & Environment, we do our best for clients no matter their location, project size, complexity or budget. We stand behind our commitment to sustainable agriculture no matter what.


Integrity Ag & Environment is on the cutting-edge of sustainable agricultural practices and technology. We seek to always improve the ways we do things so that we can always offer our clients the best possible answers to the questions they’re asking.


We care about our clients, the environment and giving back to our community. At Integrity Ag & Environment, our passion for what we do is a part of who we are as a company.

Our People

Integrity Ag & Environment has a highly qualified team of agricultural and environmental researchers, engineers and consultants. Though we have clients across the world, we remain committed to our roots. Our goal will always be to achieve the best possible outcome for the agricultural industry and the environment, ensuring a mutually beneficial future for us all.

Principal Research Scientist, Founder
PhD, B. Rural Science (Hons 1)

Head of Carbon Offsets & Biodiversity

Eugene McGahan

Agricultural and Environmental Engineer
B. Engineering (Agr), M. Engineering, RPEQ (6837), MASABE

Head of Livestock – Carbon & Sustainability

Environmental Engineer

Our Consultants

Emma Longworth, Mary-Frances Copley, Madeleine Wiedemann, Daniel Scott, Dylan Campbell, Zhong Xiang Cheah, Riley O’Shannessy, Shane Bario, Emily Plant, Gillian Kirchner, Luke Neale, Meg Crossing, Richard Altarez

Giving Back

At Integrity Ag & Environment, care is one of our core values. We strive to give back in whatever way we can. In the past, this has included partnering with organisations including:

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Current Opportunities

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