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Integrity Ag and Environment is a specialist provider of expert services in agriculture and the environment. Our goal is to provide great outcomes in these areas for our clients on farm and for industries as a whole. We do this by applying expert scientific and engineering skills to answer the most pressing problems facing agriculture today.

Whether the challenge is around selecting the best facility design for a new operation, streamlining the development approval and environmental licensing process, maximising the benefits of renewable energy from manure and effluent streams, or earning new revenue from greenhouse gas mitigation, we focus on production and the environment for the best outcomes. Our specialist research and development work ensures that we are at the forefront of issues relevant to the industries we serve.

At the core of how we do business is Integrity, in all we do. That's why Integrity is in our name. Our key staff are profiled below.

Stephen Wiedemann Photo 3.JPG


Principal Research Scientist

PhD, B. Rural Science (Hons 1)

Steve is Principal Scientist and owner of Integrity Ag and Environment. Steve has spent his lifetime working in agriculture and his professional career working in agri-environmental consulting. From addressing some of the biggest challenges on the agricultural landscape such as GHG mitigation and water resource management, to working with individual farmers to develop new intensive livestock facilities, Steve has a wealth of practical and research experience to offer.


Key areas of expertise include environmental management, waste and nutrient management, carbon accounting and ERF projects, LCA and resource use efficiency, environmental guideline development and agricultural extension.


Steve is an expert advisor to the International Wool and Textiles Organisation, the Australian Red Meat Industry, the Australian Pork Industry and the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy. For several years, Steve has also held technical advisory roles with the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and regularly presents at scientific forums in Australia and overseas.  Steve maintains an ongoing involvement in agriculture through their small scale sheep and cattle operation in northern NSW.  



Agricultural and Environmental Engineer

B. Engineering (Agr), M. Engineering, RPEQ (6837), MASABE

Eugene McGahan is an agricultural and environmental engineering consultant. Eugene has over 25 years experience working on environmental sustainability issues for intensive livestock industries. 


He specialises in development approvals, assessing the environmental performance of individual farms; undertaking industry-specific research to provide solutions to particular environmental challenges; designing and providing environmental management training; and developing environmental and planning guidelines and codes of practice. He has consulted widely with the beef feedlot, dairy, piggery, egg and meat chicken industries.



Senior Agricultural Scientist

PhD, B. Science (Hons 1)

Simon brings to Integrity Ag and Environment over a decade of experience conducting research in the applied plant sciences. His passion is the sustainable intensification of Australia’s agricultural and horticultural industries. Simon’s most recent research combined field work and simulation modelling to study genotype, management and environment interactions in the context of summer crop agronomy. Prior to this he conducted diverse experiments to investigate grapevine water use and berry ripening in viticultural contexts.


Simon’s PhD work traced carbon, nitrogen and oxygen flows through prehistoric landscapes to ancient bird populations via the preservation of isotope ratios in eggshells. A quantitative understanding of elemental flows through complex systems continues in his current focus on carbon accounting and life cycle assessment, primarily for livestock and agricultural industries. Simon’s undergraduate studies were in human and physical geography, which have provided him with diverse knowledge of Australia’s landscapes and their management.

madeleine staff photo.JPG


Research Scientist

B. Social Science

Madeleine is a Social Scientist who has varied experience in production and editorial management. She has also has experience in media and team management, as well as presenting and extension. 


Kristina Duff

Agricultural Economics & Accounting Specialist

B. Business and Commerce

Kristina is an Agricultural Economics and Accounting Consultant with Integrity Ag. She has a foundation in agriculture, business/project administration and operational efficiency. Stemming from these key capabilities, her role focuses on both business and project management. In her role in project management she is able to add value to projects where accounting and management can help to understand agricultural and environmental issues facing Australia and the global economy today.


Brittany Onions

Executive Assistant

B. Animal Science (in progress)

Brittany is Stephen's Executive assistant and also runs the business of Integrity Ag. She assists with the background business work which allows our professional staff to focus on what they do best. In her role, she also assists with contract management, financial administration, as well as some project work, which is expanding as she moves through her degree.

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