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Integrity Ag & Environment is a team of agricultural research consultants & analysts, working with both big and small agricultural companies across Australia and around the world, to improve your environmental impact . We are dedicated to researching sustainable agricultural methods and developing environmental management tools to analyse your emissions and implement sustainable farming and production practices. If your company wants to increase production and quality while decreasing your environmental impact, Integrity Ag & Environment can help.

Carbon & Sustainability Baselining & Emission Reduction Plans

Our staff are specialists in developing Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) methods. Integrity Ag and Environment provides expert services to agricultural companies looking to participate in carbon markets. As part of the team working on the new Animal Effluent Management and Beef Herd Management methods, we have an in-depth understanding of method development and how to apply these commercially. Our expert advisory services have contributed to the revised National GHG Inventory and the NCOS program.

Carbon & Biodiversity Markets

Integrity Ag is committed to support agriculture and landholders access to carbon and biodiversity markets. We believe diversified income streams which reward producers for best practice environmental management are key to the future of both agriculture and the environment.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Neutral Accreditation

We are on the cutting edge of research and commercial application of environmental footprinting and LCA in Australian agriculture. As the most experienced team of researchers in agri-food LCA in Australia, we are qualified to develop farm-scale and supply chain assessments and research or commercial projects targeting a Climate Active Certification or an environmental product declaration (EPD). 

Research, Development and Extension

Integrity Ag & Environment is a specialist provider of research, development and extension services to Australia’s largest agricultural industries across the areas of environmental impacts and resource efficiency. Our key competencies include nutrient and waste management, composting, resource efficiency (water and energy), greenhouse gas emissions, ammonia, odour and amenity and livestock facility planning and design. From assessment guidelines and training, through to publication of peer reviewed science and engineering research, we have a depth of expertise in our core areas that is unparalleled.

Intensive Livestock Development Approvals

Integrity Ag and Environment provides expert services in planning and environmental approvals for environmental management plans/systems for meat chicken farms (broilers), layer farms, feedlot beef, extensive beef, and piggeries. Our key competencies include soil assessment, nutrient management and MEDLI modelling.

Environmental Monitoring and Management

For existing agricultural enterprises such as piggeries, feedlots and abattoirs, Integrity Ag and Environment can assist with regular compliance work or difficult environmental management challenges.

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To learn more about sustainable agriculture and environmental management, call Integrity Ag & Environment on 07 4615 4690 or message us online.

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